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Monday, October 31, 2016

New -SolarCity/Tesla Energy Project - Elon Musk Is Going To Make The Sun Shine At Night...

SolarCity will produce the electricity, Tesla Energy will store it – and the SolarCity Utilities Services will deliver it to you at night. Recently, Tesla said they would install more energy storage with Solarcity in 2016 than the USA installed in 2015. This morning SolarCity put out two press releases – one announcing the focus on Utility and Grid Services and a second regarding a 13MWAC solar power systems and at least 1.5 megawatts/6 megawatt-hour of storage with the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (pictured above). Is all of this a warm up to build a (solar)city on Mars? These two press releases along with prior projects, like the massive52 MWHr TeslaEnergy project in Hawaii, show that SolarCity is... [...]

Saturday, October 29, 2016

New WHO Director-General Election Process UPDATE

 Curricula vitae and related information is now available for the 6 candidates proposed by Member States of WHO for the position of WHO Director-General.

Information on each of the candidates can be found on the WHO website at: The candidates' curricula vitae are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. In addition, contact information is available for sending enquiries to the candidates.

The candidates will be speaking to Member States 1–2 November 2016 at a forum to be held at WHO in Geneva. The forum will be webcast in all UN languages on the WHO website: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

In January 2017, WHO’s Executive Board will draw up a shortlist with a maximum of 5 candidates. Executive Board members will then interview these candidates and nominate up to 3 to go forward for consideration by the World Health Assembly in May 2017, when Member States will vote... [...]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Give And Get Free Stuff My Friends

I haven't posted in over a month. But it's because I'm working on what I would consider a big project (you would know that if you were a subscriber).

Any way I couldn't help but to get on here right quick and inform anybody who reads Envirohealth Trend; it's really easy to get and give FREE stuff at
The Freecycle Network. This network was organized and started among a small group of nonprofits in Tucson, Arizona 2003. Freecycle is BIG, they're efforts are in over 75 countries now after only 5 years.

I'm actually still looking over the site. In my opinion it's like habitat for humanity, but with a twist. It has a wider social base or feel to it. I am checking it right now and it has craigslist feel to it.

I'll Probably be doing a post in a week raving about all the junk I gave away and how I was addicted to getting free stuff from others.

You can go there and see if there's a group near you. Again it's

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buying Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly and Go Green Gifts.

Buying Natural, Organic, Eco friendly or Go Green Gifts.

*I just want to mention I am not affiliated with any of the plugs I mention in this article. The links are just examples.

So many people are jumping on the band wagon when it comes to “going green”. Getting “Green Gifts” will encourage this environmental health trend. I've been browsing the web looking for what I think are green gifts people could enjoy. I really don't want to get a bowl made out of an old record, that's just silly. No offense. So here is my top ten list of specific items. Most of these are under $50.00.

TOP 10 Go Green Gifts

#10- Organic Food and Cosmetics. Many wineries are branding their own unique styles of completely natural wine. Furthermore cosmetics companies are developing very popular skin care treatments, soaps, lotions and all that lady stuff. To find organic wine, this is by far the most popular link. Organic Wine Company For cosmetics. Google search for: Natural Cosmetics

#9- Eco Furniture and Accessories. These are quality textiles and home décor products that have either been made with recycled items or environmentally friendly consideration. I thought this was a really cool vase. Also Branch Home & metaForm Studio (if you favor recycling) will turn up some elegant results.

#8- Hemp Clothing. Hemp clothing has been a fad among small groups of “cannabis lovers and nature folk”; for more than a decade. Now it's really becoming just plain trendy. Hemp & Company has the hook up for females. For something geared towards men ORVIS will probably have you covered.

#7- Water Powered Clock. How often do we look for a clock? You probably have one in every room of your house 1-2 on you and another on your office desk. You might think that the energy consumption for a clock is low. Well it is, but also think about this; a water powered clock is saving even more watts by running on something we have almost an inexhaustible source of. If your wondering how it works, well I don't really know, but who cares? It will run for weeks without refilling it. This was almost in my number one spot, but I changed my mind due to recent political events, lol. You'll see what I mean when you read the #1 spot. the dimensions are : 6" x 4" x 2 1/2". You can check it out here. Or do a Google Search for: Water Powered Clock. I've seen some really nifty ones; from my research theres about 2 or 3 more popular models.

#6- Solar Charger. These are great for personal self-sufficiency. They charge a wide variety of plug in trickle charge devices. solio & Solar Style

#5- Stainless Steel Reusable Sports Bottle. We all should think about how many bottles of water we drink a day. Are we recycling? I'm personally considering purchasing a high quality water filtration or reverse osmosis system; then using stainless steal canteen instead of buying bottled water. eGeneralMedical+com has some sweet “water canteens”.

#4- Hand Crank Flash Lights, Radios, and Generators. This is “self powered energy”. Theres something that's empowering about not depending on batteries or another power source. I am totaly going to buy the coolest kinds of these items above that I can find. 21st Century Goods is at the top of my list for finding them.

#3- Solar Travel Bags that Charges Electronics. I see all kinds of different types of this particular item. What I would look for design wise is a solar bag that's very durable. Google Search: Solar Bags

#2- The Hybrid Solar Flashlight. I want one really, really bad!!! :)

#1- LED Tire Alert Pressure Indicators. If we all had these I'm sure we could solve the oil crisis that as Americans we all face. JK smile. Seriously I know how important it is to keep your tire pressure at the specified PSI. When I had a jeep there was a display that showed how many miles I was getting, in real time, per gallon. Every time I put the right amount of air in my tires my mileage per gallon went up. So that's why this is my #1 pick for Go Green Gifts. CustomEX

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pickens Plan (About Wind Farms)

I've mentioned wind power once very briefly. My comment was on the fact that there are high, continus winds that are generated in the mid U.S.. This morning I got up turned CNN on; as I do evey morning. I saw a promo of a plan for harvesting wind. This might sound funny but just like we harvest crops and other natural resouces we can harvest wind to our advantage. I believe that it's a good plan, but just like oil there will be an elite group of people in charge of how that wind is distributed or at what price it is distributed. For our countries energy issues and demands as a whole it's a great plan. On the other hand, we individualy can harvest our own wind; in the same manner we do our home gardens. So to see if you would support a plan like this concerning our countries enery check out Also see what it would take to harvest your wind or solar power @

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The last few posts I've done all have @ least one thing in common; "change". Personal change, cultural change and just change. Dynamically things are changing fast and it's good to know and be a part of these types of changes. One thing you can change right now is your default search engine. Blackle is supported by google and has a black screen that saves watt hours. Search results are the same to very similar.